In the year of 2003, a recognised DJ and good friend, DJ Hicks founded the popular radio station, Ganjabeats. 

On day 1, we recruited Ganjabeats‘ first international DJ from Phoenix, USA – Amnesia.

The site grew to be a hugely active and popular community, attracting a worldwide audience, not to mention , international performers from every corner of the globe.

What makes EC so exciting and dynamic, is the wide-ranging and broad spectrum of EDM genres as well as the various alternatives , within each genre.  Exceptional DJs, came in their numbers from all around the World, and contributed greatly to DJ Chixy sowing the seeds to World EDM.

Streaming as a link on DJ Chixy’s website, a group of DJs played, promoted and supported, for periods over the years that followed. The DJs were diverse in their range of genre, and subsequently, Essential Clubbers Radio was born.  This we refer to as ‘Phase One’ which ended in 2006 due to external commitments and circumstances.

2009 saw the relaunch of Essential Clubbers initially as a podcast site, it wasn’t long before the ‘bug’ and all its enthusiasm for live, was reignited. By the time, 2014-2015 arrived, we recruited and regained, a huge community of DJs playing back-to-back sets. At that time, mostly from Chelmsford, Essex but also in Virginia USA with no less than an additional six DJs doing the same.

The team proceeded to secure gigs but encountered hurdles along the way. Subsequently, ‘Phase Two’ was put to rest.

In May 2020. with help and encouragement from Chris (aka DJ X-S) and technical assistance from Jay (aka Crucial) Chixy seized the opportunity to recruit the DJs he coveted, during the first Covid 19 enforced lockdown.

Where,  suddenly a large number of DJs were able to be contacted, Chixy’s vision and dream of achieving 24/7 live, worldwide radio becoming a reality, seemed significantly more attainable. Herein is ‘Phase 3’ brought to fruition by Chixy and the group of amazing, talented DJs in the EC Family. Every member of EC is committed to the cause and so, the journey continues…

ESSENTIAL CLUBBERS Global Music Streamed Worldwide

Affectionally known as ECRadio – Keep it locked. ‘E.C’, all the way!!!

Keep it locked EC all the way!!!