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I'm Adrian D. aka Mr.D. and 46 years old. Born and raised in Cologne. But now I live on the Lower Rhine in Germany. I've been making music since I was 13. At that time I took over the scepter in our children's disco. I got into electronic music in the early 90's and have stayed with it ever since. Actually, I only mixed mixes for the car or for my cell phone. Until I had the chance in 2019 to get a slot on a small stream radio station. Since then I have been doing regular live mixes in the stream and also mixes for my stream radio, which was founded in 2020. And keep getting better at it. This year I'm going to really take off, I've got some live gigs, which I'm really looking forward to. I mainly play Liquid Drum&Bass, Drum&Bass and Jungle. I'm basically at home in Drum&Bass Grene. But I also mix some Techno and House. Which I'm getting better at and pretty successful at.
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